10 Farad Capacitance ( cf-10 )

Features : 

▪Built-in replaceable fuses for greater security
▪One in and three out, with splitter function, saving the cost of the distribution seat, the installation layout is more simple and beautiful
▪Improved Pre-charge function makes wiring safer
▪To adopt special custom capacitor components and thickened copper circuit board design
▪Automatic sleep, Low quiescent current and low power consumption
▪No ACC control
▪Multi-function voltmeter
▪Triple output

Parameters : 

✔Capacity: 10 Farad
✔Operating voltage : ≦15.5
✔Max. Carrying Voltage: 16V 
✔Static current:≦8
✔Output Impedance (ESR): <2mohm
✔Working environment temperature(℃):-40~+70
✔Size(mm): 164 x 153 x41(mm) 
✔Buit-in insurance : 4 x 30A